Tanzanite: A Gemstone Beyond Compare

Tanzanite, a captivating gemstone treasured for its mesmerizing blue-violet hues, boasts a story as unique as its beauty. Unlike any other gem, Tanzanite can only be found in a single location on Earth – the Merelani Hills of Tanzania, near Mount Kilimanjaro. This extreme rarity, estimated to be 1,000 times rarer than diamonds, makes Tanzanite a true marvel of the natural world.

But rarity isn’t Tanzanite’s only claim to fame. This gemstone is a variety of the mineral zoisite, colored by trace amounts of vanadium. This unique composition allows Tanzanite to exhibit a phenomenon called trichroism, meaning it displays different colors depending on the viewing angle. Depending on the light, a single Tanzanite can showcase shades of blue, violet, and even flashes of pink!

Formed over 500 million years ago, Tanzanite’s journey to becoming a treasured gem is relatively recent. It was only discovered in 1967 by a prospector named Manuel de Souza. The lively blue hues, reminiscent of a twilight sky, captivated jewelers all over the world. Since it’s discovery, Tanzanite has become a symbol of elegance, beauty, and exquisite rarity.

Adding Dazzle with Fancy Tanzanite

While the classic blue-violet hues are captivating, the world of Tanzanite holds a secret collection of even rarer treasures – Fancy Tanzanite. These gems come in a breathtaking array of colors beyond the expected spectrum. Imagine a vibrant emerald green Tanzanite, a sunshine yellow, or a delicate lilac. These unique shades are caused by variations in the trace elements coloring the gem. While incredibly rare, these Fancy Tanzanite stones are coveted by collectors and can be even more valuable than their blue counterparts.

More Interesting Facts about Tanzanite

• Tanzanite is the official birthstone for December and the gemstone for the 24th wedding anniversary.

• Due to its limited source, some experts believe Tanzanite mines could be depleted within the next 20 years, making existing stones even more valuable.

• Tanzanite is a relatively delicate gemstone, scoring 6.5 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This means it requires special care when setting in jewelry.

With its captivating beauty, mesmerizing color play, and unparalleled rarity, Tanzanite is a gemstone that truly stands out from the crowd.

Whether you seek the classic elegance of blue-violet or the captivating allure of Fancy Tanzanite, this piece of Earth’s history offers a treasure waiting to be discovered.


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